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Viluthu organized and held a conference in Colombo, on the 10th of December 2015, enabling a national dialogue that is participatory, inclusive and transparent on the issue of women headed households.
Herstories’ of Resilience and Hope
An archival project is the first of a series of people’s histories that focuses on mothers from the South and North that highlight their strength in the face of adversity.
Sanjeevi Food Stalls
Sanjeevi products are produced by the members of the Amara Forum, by using the local agricultural products produced by women who are involved in organic farming

Strengthening Communities to become Change Makers


  Commemorating The International Right to Truth day Viluthu strengthens women headed households by Commemorating International Right to Truth day in its project locations. Viluthu has organized and held meetings at Vallipunam, in the Mullaitivu district, Thambalakamam in Palai in the Kilinochchi District, Aandankulam in Manthai West in the Mannar District and at the Viluthu […]

No-Run-Tell Campaign
April 28, 2016 By admin

Viluthu with the collaboration of few organizations in the south has organized a campaign titled “No Run Tell’ to create awareness on violence against children and to protect them from all forms of abuse. Viluthu has fully supported the promotion of this “No Run Tell” campaign in all its project locations in the different districts. […]

The economic and social issues faced by women headed households (WHH) as a result of the 30 year long war in Sri    Lanka have been at the forefront of most rehabilitation programmes during the war and post-war period. It is estimated that there are over 90,000 WHH in the North and East alone. Women headed households in Sri Lanka […]

Herstories’ of Resilience and Hope
February 10, 2016 By admin

 Mother’s are guardians of their family history. They are the guardians of memory. They are the pillars of strength upon which a family is built.  This archival project is the first of a series of people’s histories that focuses on mothers from the South and North that highlight their strength in the face of adversity, and their hopes […]

Sanjeevi Food Stalls
February 10, 2016 By admin

Sanjeevi products are the ones produced by the members of the Amara Forum, by using the local agricultural products produced by the women who are involved in organic farming and other basic ingredients. These could be food items or other products. Sanjeevi stalls have been opened in the different districts in order to market these Sanjeevi products. These […]

Lack of employment opportunities has been identified as a primary issue concerning all the problems as faced by the Women headed households. The ‘Jaffna District Amara Forum’ of women headed households has been continuously requesting many of the Institutions and as well as the politicians to help them address this issue. They have even undertaken propaganda work on […]

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News & Events

Amara Forums of WHH use Widows Charter to appeal to the Chief Minister for Northern Provincial Council

Viluthu Centre for Human Resource Development, the District Women Forums and the Amara Forums of Women Heads of Households in the north, jointly hold this regional conference in honour of the International Widow’s Day on the 22nd of June in order to introduce the ‘National Widows’ Charter and to emphasize ‘Transitional Justice’. The National Widows’ Charter which was for the very first time in South Asia region, prepared by the grass-root groups and presented to the government. The Amara Forums and District Women Forums of the Women Heads of Households, facilitated by Viluthu are introducing the National Widows’ Charter to all the provincial councils, Government Departments and civil societies.

The Hon. Chief Minister of NPC, Mr. C. V. Wigneswaran, the Chief Guest at this event while receiving the National Widows’ Charter, recalled the submission of the memorandum of concerns of the WHH to him in 2013 by the Amara Forum during his speech and welcomed this endeavour towards policy contribution. The Regional Director of Rural Development Department of the NPC, Mr. J. J. Phelician who was the guest of honour at this event appreciated the efforts of the district networks of WHH in addressing the grievances of the women. He encouraged Viluthu network to spearhead the activities of the WHH.  The Executive Director of Viluthu Centre for Human Resource Development, Ms. Aaranya Rajasingam and the Programme Coordinator of Viluthu, Mrs. H. Inthumathy had facilitated the panel discussions during this event.

District Women Forums are the networks of all the Women Rural Development societies at the district level in the districts of Jaffna, Kilinochchi, Mullaitivu, Mannar, Putalam, Trincomalee, Batticaloa and Mannar.  Amara Forum of WHH are the networks of all the societies of the Women Heads of Households consisting of 17500 members at the district level in seven districts, including women who are widows, divorcees, women abandoned by husbands, spouses of missing persons and orphaned women.


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