Viluthu Reaches Out
Sanjeevi Food Stalls
February 10, 2016 By admin

Sanjeevi products are the ones produced by the members of the Amara Forum, by using the local agricultural products produced by the women who are involved in organic farming and other basic ingredients. These could be food items or other products. Sanjeevi stalls have been opened in the different districts in order to market these Sanjeevi products. These […]

Lack of employment opportunities has been identified as a primary issue concerning all the problems as faced by the Women headed households. The ‘Jaffna District Amara Forum’ of women headed households has been continuously requesting many of the Institutions and as well as the politicians to help them address this issue. They have even undertaken propaganda work on […]

Vocational Training
Election Fund for Women Contestants
January 11, 2015 By admin

In the struggle by women to increase representation in the local governments , it has been realized that the exorbitant costs of election campaigns have been a major deterrent for them. Lack of financial resource either discourages them from contesting or debilitates them from going all out in their campaigns. In order to overcome this […]