Viluthu Reaches Out

Viluthu has successfully completed a training programme on ‘Gender and Participation in Community Development’,  in the Jaffna district for 10 consecutive weekends, commencing from the 9th of August 2013. A total number of 32 male and female participants consisting of Govt. Officials, Staff members of NGOs, Undergraduates of University of Jaffna and Open University of […]

Viluthu works with Local Government Institutions and Community Based Organizations (CBOs) in providing knowledge and skills to use the tools for Social Accountability. This is accomplished through provision of training, facilitating study circle discussions, and the organizing of consultations between CBOs and LAs, The general awareness raising and the building of political will for delivering […]

Social Accountability
January 11, 2015 By admin

The concept of social accountability underlines both the right and the corresponding responsibility of citizens to expect and ensure that government acts in the best interest of the people. The obligation of government officials to be accountable to citizens derives from notions of citizens’ rights, often enshrined in constitutions, and the broader set of human […]