Nutrition Survey and Food and Nutrition Security project in Mutur East
April 2, 2015 By admin

Viluthu has begun a food and nutrition security project amongst the poor communities of Mutur east with the support of South Asian Food And Nutrition Security Initiative (SAFANSI) through the World Bank. From October 2013 a participatory process of food security assessment was conducted. The women leaders of the community and some of the women heads of households were consulted and trained as enumerators for this study. The study revealed food insecurity to be as high as 57% amongst this community which statistics could be higher for the women heads of households. Due to Viluthu’s interventions, many organizations and individuals from the diaspora community have come forward to assist these women with basic food rations.

The findings of this study were shared with all the stakeholders from the government agencies, and a work plan has been drawn up in order to empower the mothers groups and the women’s groups to improve the food and nutrition security in their communities. Initial responses from the government agencies have been very encouraging. The women participated in fun activities of a follow up workshop which included going to the market, purchasing grains and vegetables and cooking a square meal. They are to be part of an education expedition to the government farms in the South to learn cultivation methods.

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