Youth Volunteers join Viluthu
April 2, 2015 By admin

During the latter part of 2013, Viluthu began a concerted drive to mobilize a volunteer base for itself. This proved to be extremely successful. In Jaffna district, “Samuthaaya Sangilihal” was formed by a group of Jaffna University students, which engaged in community work. This group began to visit villages in the peninsula, raising awareness on prevention of child abuse, violence against women and rising trends of alcoholism. In the Batticaloa district, a youth volunteer group consisting of students from the Eastern University named “Kilakkin Ahal” joined Viluthu. They were introduced to a community in Mutur East division in Trincomalee which had a large proportion of women headed families living below poverty levels. These students immediately raised Rs 350,000 from their friends and colleagues to support these families numbering 137. In addition to assisting the women, they have also embarked on supporting poor students for education in the Vakarai division of Batticaloa. More groups are to be formed in the South Eastern and the Wayamba Universities.

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