Free Training on Nursing and Employment Opportunity
February 10, 2016 By admin

Lack of employment opportunities has been identified as a primary issue concerning all the problems as faced by the Women headed households. The ‘Jaffna District Amara Forum’ of women headed households has been continuously requesting many of the Institutions and as well as the politicians to help them address this issue. They have even undertaken propaganda work on this issue and constantly highlighted this issue in all the media.

Subsequently, the ‘LAVA Hospital which is functioning as a private hospital in the Jaffna District has come forward Nursing Training 3to provide a six month course in ‘Nursing Training’ free of Charge, to selected members of the Amara Forum and their immediate family members. The hospital has targeted 1000 members of the Amara Forum in Jaffna in 2015 and initially 52 members have been recommended by Viluthu to undergo this training. Following the recommendation of Viluthu, the hospital has selected 30 women according to their selection criteria. The training of the initial badge of 30 trainees has commenced and this Lava Hospital has made an assurance that suitable employment opportunities would be sought for the passing out candidates. This has been a rare opportunity which has been extended to the members of the Amara Forum, through which they could improve their livelihoods and status in the society. This opportunity could be considered as a foundation to provide a hope for the future.

17 out of the 30 women members who followed the Nursing Training course were, successful in completing the course and passed out as Nurses. These 17 women nurses are currently engaged in providing home nursing services for clients day and night and are able to earn a monthly income of minimum Rupees 20,000.

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