Sanjeevi Food Stalls
February 10, 2016 By admin

Sanjeevi products are the ones produced by the members of the Amara Forum, by using the local agricultural Sanjeevi stall 10products produced by the women who are involved in organic farming and other basic ingredients. These could be food items or other products. Sanjeevi stalls have been opened in the different districts in order to market these Sanjeevi products. These stalls provide an opportunity to better market the local produce and also contribute by supplying local products to other shops and sale points.Sanjeevi stall 11

The members of Amara Forum and their children who have been formally trained by Viluthu, have joined hands and generating income by running these stalls. The women who are jointly running the food stall at Malligaitheevu in Muthur, are able to earn a net profit of around Rupees Three Thousand per day. A food item by the name ‘Vanvil Pittu’ which is made out of ingredients such as vegetables, rice flour, green leaves, corn flour, fish, Kurakkan flour and dried-fish has earned popularity in the Muthur division. Other food items such as, vegetable rotti, dhosai, one dish nutritious meal for lunch, mango juice, Vadai made of black-gram and vegetables are also produced by them and available for sales in these Sanjeevi stalls.

Many schools in their area have made requests to Amara Forum to take over and run their canteens within the Sanjeevi stall 12school premises and also for the preparation of food for lunch. Moreover the members of Amara have undertaken catering to different government departments and the NGOs, thus providing an opportunity to its members to market their produce. In the mean time these Sanjeevi stalls encourage the consumption of locally made, non-poisonous, nutritious food items and work towards eradicating malnutrition which is prevalent in their division.

Recently a few representatives of some institutions in our neighbouring countries such as India, Bangladesh, Bhuttan, who visited these Sanjeevi stalls have learnt the methods of preparing the food items produced by these stalls. We feel proud that this one dish full meal introduced by a project funded by the World Bank, has been recommend to other countries.

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