Women face historic and systemic violence and discrimination at every level of society, in every sphere of society. At Viluthu we recognize the compounded impacts of militarisation, ideals of masculinity in leadership and patriarchal power structures have had and will continue to have on women, girls and community members of the LGBTQI community. Whether it be gender norms, violence or institutionalized barriers, we want to address it at the heart of the issue to create a safe haven for women to thrive. 


  • Help women, youth and community members to resist and prevent gender based violence; 
  • Support survivors and rights activists to access justice, change discriminatory practices and laws and ensure protection of rights 
  • Enhance forums, collectives and practices that enable the development of capacities and knowledge of women, particularly the most marginalised groups and enable women to share, learn from and participate in  feminst narratives, realities and aspirations.
  • Engage with women as leaders who hold the key to enable structural and systematic change to society at all levels and in all spheres; find solidarity among youth and other stakeholders for feminsit principles (state, private sector, media, academia)