Viluthu has strengthened numerous women’s and youth groups for civic engagement on issues pertaining to rights, sustainability, equality and peace.


  • Samasam– This women’s Federation initiated in 2010- connects women from more than 450 WRDSs in the North, East and North West regions of Sri Lanka and reaches close to 15,000 women.
  • Amara- Women Heads of Households network- is the first network addressing the varied types of and unique experiences of WHH in conflict affected areas. 


Through Amara and Samasam, women have raised awareness amongst their communities, reached out to district, provincial and national decision makers and institutions to claim their  rights, improve service delivery and promote women’s leadership at various levels of society. 

They are closely aided by Viluthu’s youth networks and groups (Samuthaya Sangili, Kilakkin Ahal, Talent Star, Active Citizen Group and other networks)- at district and regional levels- consisting of approximately 1500 youth members with a reach of 5000 youth in these areas. During the Covid-19 lockdown they were instrumental in galvanizing aid distribution for the most needy in their areas. Specific focus was given to broadening criteria on vulnerability held by duty bearers  to include disabilities and LGBTQI communities.