Journals and Periodicals


Viluthu has published the quarterly news letter by the name ‘Thalaivi’ (the feminine name for leader) on behalf of the Women’s Rural Development Societies (WRDSs) in August 2011. This newsletter has been published in order to establish and maintain better relationships between these WRDSs and to share the experiences in terms of the success of the projects implemented by these societies. This newsletter carries stories of good practices, exceptional leaders, news and views of the members of the WRDSs and articles commenting on the on-going development schemes in the villages.


Publishing a Journal specifically for Primary and Secondary School Teachers Understanding the crucial role played by the teachers in the mode of delivery of education and in fact even in the very implementation of any education reform, Viluthu began to work towards strengthening their capacities, especially through the publication of a monthly Journal. This journal ‘AHAVILI’ is the first teachers’ journal to be published in Sri Lanka and even in Tamil Nadu. It can be asserted that it has facilitated the elevation of the vocation of teaching to that of a profession by its very existence. It has encouraged many teachers to write and publish their research papers. The publication of this journal Ahavili, meaning inner eye, was commenced in September 2004 by Viluthu targeting the Educational community. Since then the publication of Ahavili continued unabated until December 2010 and discontinued with its 76th issue as it faced a financial crisis during the same month. Viluthu had strived hard to secure funds for the continuation of this publication since January 2011 and finally secured funds from one of its donors to publish from September 2011. The publication of Ahavili since September 2011, continues to be circulated among the educational community and very specially the teaching community. The 100th issue of Ahavili was published during December 2013 and the publication of its 123rd issue for month of March/April 2016.


Viluthu is actively involved in implementing activities in order to bring about good governance in Sri Lanka. Viluthu’s mission is to strengthen the capacities of the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and doing the needful to cultivate a culture of Democracy among these NGOs. Providing Training, producing research papers and publications, networking the peoples’ movements for lobbying and advocacy are the processes involved. Urimaikural is a monthly publication of Viluthu targeting the peoples’ movements where they share their information, views, etc.


Publishing a popular magazine walking the thin edge of commercialism on the one hand and social responsibility on the other. The Irukkiram magazine was begun with the aim of propagating the values related to good governance, gender equality and co-existence amongst the masses over a long term. That is why it was designed as a commercial magazine that could sustain its continuation. The style adopted by Irukkiram in subtly intertwining its message within the usual commercial contents is unique and has not been experimented with even in Tamil nadu with its countless number of literature churned out. As a result of the financial difficulties faced by Viluthu in continuing with the publication of this magazine, Veerakesari, one of the leading daily news papers of the Associated News Papers of Ceylon Limited offered their support to Viluthu and printed and distributed Irukkiram. Though it comes with a new face and form there has been no changes in the content. Irukkiram is published as a weekly magazine and is marketed as almost half of its previous price (60%). It carries several articles of interest and is well received by its fans and readers.